Rights of Light

Rights of Light

Rights of Light is a private easement of light flow over a site (servient owner) to a neighbouring window aperture (dominant owner). A right of light needs to be established which could be expressed but commonly obtained by way of prescription, after a 20 years of enjoyment. The right is not to an unlimited amount of light but for that which is considered to maintain a room ‘adequately-lit’.

Schroeders Begg assisted in the publication of the RICS professional guidance on Rights to Light within their role on the sub-panel and have acted upon a number of leading landmark Rights to Lights cases READ MORE.

We provide rights of light advice for developers, architects and also those affected by development; our services include:-

  • Full in-house rights of light technical analysis and reporting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Advice on actionable injury compensation levels and injunction risks
  • Massing safe envelope studies
  • Cut-back analysis
  • Rights of Light negotiation
  • Strategic advice
  • Light Obstruction Notices
  • Expert Witness